Here at Bristol, we sit right on the Fish Pier in Portland, Maine where great seafood is easy to find. But great fish dishes don’t come so easy to everyone. We thought we’d fix that by bringing you My Fish Dish. Our dedicated team starts with quality seafood, pairs it with perfect toppings, and makes it a snap to prepare.

My Fish Dish is all about convenience without sacrifice. Within just a few minutes, you can cook these perfectly-portioned, delicious, healthy meals in the oven, on the grill, or on the skillet—take your pick. Simply follow the 3-step cooking instructions on the back of the package, and enjoy.



Our seafood selections — cod, scallops, and salmon — come with a long list health benefits. Whether you’re looking for high protein, Omega 3s, B vitamins, or immune-boosting trace minerals like Zinc and Copper, it’s all on the table.


Each and every one of our products is sustainably harvested. We meet the Marine Stewardship Council’s chain of custody standard, we’re the first seafood company in the US to be Fair Trade certified, and we’re a founding member of the Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested Program.


Our team has worked hand-in-hand with top chefs to create these flavor-packed Fish Dishes. From the Lemon & Herb Butter Cod, to the Sesame & Seaweed Teriyaki Scallops, every option is well worth obsessing over.


My Fish Dish is available in both frozen and slack-n-sell formats. Whichever choice your shopper prefers, we’re happy to accommodate.


Pack: 12 Units/CaseProduct Options: Frozen, Slack-n-SellCountry of Origin: Norway (Cod), USA (Scallops), Canada (Atlantic Salmon), USA (Sockeye Salmon)