We have been on the fish pier in Portland since 1992, and in that time we have learned a thing or two about sourcing and handling cod that meets our Maine standards of quality. So if your customers are asking for cod without compromise, they deserve Bristol. Our North Atlantic Cod is wild-caught in the ice-cold waters of Norway, frozen at sea within 4 hours of catch, and shipped to our processing facility in Portland, where it is filleted and hand trimmed. You get the best of both worlds: large, healthy cod from an MSC-certified fishery, and a fillet that is hand-trimmed and packed here in the USA. The result is an all-natural, wild-caught cod fillet with outstanding flavor and appearance.



Our wild-caught Norwegian cod fillets are all-natural and preservative free for a difference you can see and taste.


Each Bristol cod fillet is hand trimmed and hand packed to make sure you only get fillets that meet our uncompromising Maine standards.


The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least 2x per week. Cod is a healthy option, with a 3oz portion having just 59 calories and 0.1g of saturated fat.


The Norwegian Atlantic cod fishery was certified sustainable by the MSC in January of 2010


Harvest Location: NorwayHarvest Method: Wild-CaughtSpecies: Gadus Morhua