Some people say that up here in Maine we can be a bit stubborn. At Bristol, we wouldn’t disagree. Because when it comes to delivering the best seafood the world over, your standards have to be unwavering. Every day, those standards are what separates Bristol seafood from everyone else. So everyday, we come to work and find a way to deliver it. Learn more about us »

Preparing a great seafood dish doesn’t come easy to everyone. At Bristol, we decided to fix that by introducing My Fish Dish, a ready-to-cook seafood solution for the retail market. Now quality seafood, paired with the perfect topping, is a snap to prepare.

Plump, juicy, tender scallops from Bristol are the real “Jewels of the Sea”. And we handpick every one to be the centerpiece of any dinner setting.

Our haddock is wild-caught with the subtle rich flavor characteristic of true Norwegian haddock. And irresistably flaky like us true Mainers.

Here in New England, our love affair with cod began centuries ago. With the introduction of our wild-caught Norwegian cod, we’ve fallen in love all over again.


Here in Maine we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. That’s why every aspect of our family-owned business starts with responsibility to our product, to our customer, and to each other.


Each and everyone of our products are sustainably harvested, period. You have our promise. We meet the Marine Stewarship Council’s (MSC) chain of custody standard, we’re a founding member of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, and we care about where our fish comes from and how it was caught.


It’s more than just our innovative fully-recyclable EcoBox packaging. We operate a zero fish waste facility – where all of our byproducts are recycled for future organic usage. Our trucks are powered with biodiesel. And when we go home at night, we always remember to turn out the lights.


We can start with the best fish and the fanciest facility on the pier (which we’re pretty sure we have), but that wouldn’t matter without our world class team. Like our seafood, we’ve hand picked over 80 of the best, from right here in Maine. We have followed a simple rule; the happier the people the better the product.