When you demand beautiful, whole, top-quality scallops as part of your dining experience, you deserve Bristol scallops. Whether they are plucked from the Gulf of Maine or harvested from the pristine waters of Peru or Japan, we search the world over to find those that meet our relentless Maine standards.

Sustainable practices are at the top of our priority list, as well. Our U.S. sea scallops are sustainably caught from an MSC-certified fishery in the North Atlantic’s ice-cold waters, removed from their shells by hand, and flash-frozen to lock in freshness all the way to your dinner table. This is the first Fair Trade Certified seafood item in the U.S., meaning your purchase supports local fishing communities and ensures the people who harvest and package your scallops are treated equitably and fairly along the way. We at Bristol are proud to bring this world-class product to you and your family.



Our dry Chef Pack scallops are all natural, so they sear up beautifully and have a sweet, authentic flavor.


Quality only matters if you are consistent. That is where our production team comes in. All our scallops are hand graded and every product that leaves our facility is hand finished. It’s not the cheapest way to do it, but it sure is the best. You can count on the same high quality scallop from us, every time.


When chefs pay top dollar for top-quality scallops, they should expect whole scallops. The Bristol Chef Pack has no pieces or splits meaning each and every scallop is ready to go on your next VIP’s plate.


Sizes: U8 to BayProduct Options: Frozen, Fresh & RefreshCountry of Origin: USA, Canada, Japan, Peru, China