Top 10 Things We Learned at NFI in 2018

Top 10 Things We Learned at NFI in 2018

The National Fisheries Institute held its annual conference in Miami. We made a picture book of the top ten things we learned while we were there.

Key takeaways were:

  • Scallop landings are projected to exceed 60m pounds for the first time since 2006, and much of the growth will be on big sizes
  • Haddock consumption grew in all nine geographical regions of the US, with seven out of nine growing double digits.
  • In the big mussel-consuming countries (Spain, Denmark, Belgium France) people eat 26x more mussels than we do in the US
  • Every region of the US saw seafood consumption grow, except West North Central
  • The big buzzwords were “stories”, “online”, “convenience” and “meal kits”
  • Alligator meat is a byproduct of farms that exist to make leather

We have more info in the slides that follow and would be glad to discuss this further should you have any questions.
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