PORTLAND, Maine – May 14, 2019 – Bristol Seafood announced today the launch of Maine-processed IQF haddock and cod fillets, loins and portions in response to customer demand for groundfish processed and frozen in the United States. 

 “Our distribution partners have been asking for frozen cod and haddock fillets, loins and portions that are cut and frozen in the United States with no added water or chemical additives, and we are pleased to answer the call” noted Dana Bartholomew, Vice President of Sales. “Our customers count on us for trusted, quality, storied products and our new American-made cod and haddock meets their needs as well as our uncompromising Maine standards.”

 Bristol’s new product line began shipping in April and features cod and haddock harvested in the North Atlantic that is hand-trimmed and flash frozen to Bristol’s uncompromising Maine standards at its Portland, Maine facility. The product line is available in the US, as well as for export to select areas. 

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About Bristol Seafood

Bristol Seafood is on a mission to make seafood America’s favorite protein. Since its founding in 1992 on the waterfront in Portland, Maine, the company has built a nationwide following for its steadfast adherence to its uncompromising Maine standards. Bristol is committed to sustainable business practices and is the first seafood company to earn a Fair Trade certification for seafood harvested in US waters. The company is also certified to the MSC’s chain of custody standard and operates an SQF-certified processing plant. Bristol specializes in dry scallops, line-caught Norwegian haddock and cod, and wild Maine mussels.

 Press inquiries contact Irene Moon at or 207-318-3183.