Bristol Seafood meets consumer demand for responsible seafood by expanding retail footprint in Northeast region

Bristol Seafood meets consumer demand for responsible seafood by expanding retail footprint in Northeast region

PORTLAND, ME, August 2nd – The launch of the first US-sourced Fair Trade seafood product continues to generate strong demand nationwide among retailers and consumers. To address this growing interest, Bristol Seafood has expanded the presence of its Fair Trade North Atlantic Sea Scallop by adding New York-based Tops Friendly Markets to their list of retailers.

Committing to the Fair Trade seafood program is part of a long term effort at Bristol to bring sustainably and responsibly sourced seafood to as many people as possible across the United States. Already in the company’s product lineup are Norwegian haddock and Pacific cod, both harvested using longline practices in place of trawling, as well as wild mussels bought directly from fishermen in Downeast Maine.

“We are incredibly pleased to be working with the team at TOPS,” said Peter Handy, President and CEO of Bristol Seafood, “their network of retail locations opens us up to an entirely new customer base which is an exciting development. We believe seafood is the protein of the future because of its health benefits and capacity to be managed sustainably, but the consumer needs the knowledge and access before this can happen. With TOPS carrying our Fair Trade scallops, we take a big step in getting the word out here in the Northeast.”

With 173 full-service supermarkets in operation across upstate New York, western Vermont, north-central Massachusetts, and northern Pennsylvania, TOPS greatly diversifies the regional availability of Bristol’s flagship Fair Trade product. Now customers from Gardner, MA to Niagara Falls, NY can find this exceptional North Atlantic Sea Scallop on local shelves.

“Our primary focus is to support the health and strength of the communities we serve,” said Jim Lane, director, meat & seafood at Tops FriendlyMarkets, “This starts with ensuring that our customers have access and choice when it comes to high quality foods. Bristol’s Fair Trade sea scallop is an exciting product for us to offer because it has a domestic story, is a 100% traceable seafood, and it encourages a conversation that centers on the responsible utilization of a resource.’’

About Bristol Seafood

Bristol provides quality seafood to people who care about what they eat. Founded in 1992, the company enjoys a nationwide following due to steadfast adherence to its uncompromising Maine standards. Bristol pairs efficiency-building technologies with finishing done the old-fashioned way – by hand. Through its commitment to embracing sustainable practices, Bristol became the first company to introduce a Fair Trade seafood product harvested in US waters with the Fair Trade Certified Sea Scallop. In 2016, Bristol reported record sales for the second consecutive year, and shipped more than six million pounds of seafood from its facility on the Portland Fish Pier. The company is the first and only processor of mussels, scallops, or fillets in the state of Maine to earn a Safe Quality Food Institute certification.

Learn more about Bristol Seafood at www.bristolseafood.com.

About TOPS Markets

Tops Markets, LLC, is headquartered in Williamsville, NY and operates 173 full-service supermarkets with five additional by franchisees under the Tops banner. Tops employs over 15,000 associates and is a leading full-service grocery retailer in New York, northern Pennsylvania, western Vermont, and north central Massachusetts.

Learn more about Tops Markets at www.topsmarkets.com

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